Constipation Relief For Women Review

Posted on 24. Jan, 2016 by afanley in Reviews

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Product Name: Constipation Relief For Women
Standard Price: $37
Author: Dr. Karlo Mauro
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 05th Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

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Publisher’s Description

Get rid of a bloated stomach, putrid gas that awful “Blah” Keeling.

  • Beano® (helped a little, I think)
  • Chewing fennel seeds (probably made things worse)
  • Colon Overload: The two foods that are ruining North Americans’ colon. Most people are consuming this stuff 3-6 times a day — and not in small quantities either.
  • Eat Less, Enjoy More! Using the tip in this part you’ll be able to satisfy your hunger with less food.
  • Horrible Dinner Guests: Find out why letting unhealthy gut bacteria share your meals causes flatulence as well as constipation.
  • Illness Begins in the Colon: Find out how remedying your constipation may remove or eliminate other health problems you have (and thus reduce your need for pharmaceutical drugs!).
  • Remove IBS: If you suffer from other bowel problems, such as cramps, belching and acid reflux Dr. Mauro’s anti-constipating advice also helps reduce or eliminate those related issues.
  • Starving Yet Fed: Find out how people in third world countries digest more of these two essential ingredients than most women (and men) in North America. No wonder we’re spending so much time on the toilet!
  • The Anti-Starch Movement: Hear Dr. Mauro’s thoughts on this extremist dietary regimen. How much starch is enough? Can you go overboard?
  • Your Overall Mood: It’s hard to feel good when your colon is backing up toxins into your bloodstream. You don’t need Paxilâ„¢ you need relief from toxic congestion.

User Reviews

Constipation Relief For Women Review7.7103
  1. June January 2016 #
    Thank you for your greatest knowledge ever. I just come across you website a week ago and purchased your “27 Constipation Relief for Women”. I was having bloating and embarrassing gas issues for many years. I tried so many different methods to help with the problems but to no avail. I am so glad I ordered your e-book and signed up for your emails. I have to say, it is working superbly and I agree with you 100% with all your information. I am very pleased :) with the results so far. I just wish you were closer…so I can see you in person. Whatever you sell, I buy it.
  2. Jenifer January 2016 #
    Thank you for the useful information for the relief of constipation. To have someone that far to communicate with me (Canada to Seychelles) through email it’s a great opportunity, instead of just going to the clinic here and getting some laxative and then back to the same problem. I really appreciate it and I’m already putting some of your tips into practice. I’m really seeing a great difference in my bowel movement since I got those useful tips from you. I will try my best to remove the most common causes of this problem to bring some relief in the end. Thank you once again for the complimentary aid and for your time. You’re an excellent doctor.
  3. Ros January 2016 #
    I want to let you know that your program has been so successful in ridding my constipation. I started to get great results after 24 hours! It was like I was detoxing. I was headachy for the first couple of days and what I released was so smelly. I’m not one to weigh myself but I can tell from my clothing that I have lost weight around my middle. Thanks for sharing your simple and effective program. I feel so much better.

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